Monday, July 17, 2017

Oh' So Southern Savannah

I just love a good southern town...and southern manners, southern attire, southern food, and of course, good ol' southern sweet tea.  I guess I just may be a southern gal after all.  And maybe that's just why I adored out visit to sweet southern Savannah this past weekend.

We had grandiose plans to meet Uncle Jon, Aunt Bailee, and my newest obsession, baby Brecken, but as this summer seems to keep going...the best laid vacation plans keep going awry.  Very long story, but Clay and I opted to take the kids anyway and give a weekend in Savannah a whirl.

We arrived Friday afternoon just in time to check in to our downtown hotel and make our 5:00 dinner reservations at The Pirates House.  Dinner with the pirates is a must do when in Savannah.  And I'll be completely honest, it's for the experience, not the fare.

Be sure to note the pirate art in the background.  I insisted my Jack get a photo with it.

This friendly pirate gave us a tour of the old house and even told us a few spooky ghost tales.  Just enough to give Maggie a scare and adversely leave Jack wanting more.

Luckily, that is just what the evening plan was.  The girls went back to the hotel for bedtime {after a little horse play} and the boys headed out on a night time Ghost Tour.  This turned out to be Jack's favorite part of the weekend.

Come Saturday morning, we were ready to see all that Savannah had to offer.  There is so much history in this tiny town we figured the Old Town Trolley was the best way to fit it all in.

Just wait until you see how much my kids enjoyed this part of Saturday...

The pictures say it all.  In their defense it was near 100 degrees, Lucy had lost a fave toy at the trolley stop, and Maggie is completely made of sugar and had a fear of melting {also known as...she is a bit diva-ish}.

But don't fret, I knew how to make it all better.  We hopped off the trolley at River Street and hit Savannah Sweets.  All good after a delish lunch and a visit to the candy store.

We spent the rest of the afternoon strolling along River Street {which is the tourist hot spot}.  The kids saw the river, got their fortune told, and grabbed some souvenirs that were hand made right in front of them.

After all that, the hotel pool was calling our names.  The pool was small, but it was on the roof top which made it more of an adventure.

We clean up pretty nice, huh?  The grown ups got showers and the littles got pool baths.  We made our way to dinner to meet one of my besties from college and her family for dinner.

It has been near 4 years since I have seen Karen and it was incredible to see how much our kiddos had grown.  She and I picked up right where we left off.  Oh, how I miss her being right down the road from me.

Clay and I decided to make a pretty full day of Sunday, just to get the most out of our weekend.  We walked to breakfast as this delish and very crowded diner.  The line was out the door, but definitely worth it.

Then we made the short drive over to Tybee Island.  I have to be honest, I was extremely unimpressed with Tybee.  To be fair, I was completely spoiled growing up with beautiful beaches and and a stunning coastline, but even with that being said, the island didn't have much to offer.

However, Fort Pulaski was completely worth the trip over the bridge.  Again, another scorcher, and again, this one nearly melted.  Thankfully we found refugee within the shade of the fort.

 The abundance of history in Savannah can be overwhelming.  We found it to be pretty fascinating, but had to take everything in bite sized pieces with the two little girls.  The fort was a perfect way to tangiably experience the history.

We made our way through every tunnel, room and corridor we could find.  One because it was so fun and two because it was much cooler down there.  We even stumbled across this darling bird's nest.  It was literally at eye level with us and attached to the side of the concrete wall.  I don't think any of us had ever been that close to live baby birds before.  They were making quite a racket too.

The fort held several mock rooms of how it would have been back in the day.  Some of us enjoyed it more than others.

And everywhere you turned there was some sort of cannon.

By far, the jail was the biggest draw for my kiddos.  I've never heard them ask for so many pictures in all my life.

We decided to scoot out and grab some lunch before we all melted.  Again, another worth while experience though.

So long sweet southern Savannah.

We have one last big trip planned for summer.  If history repeats itself, I'll be curious to see what drama unfolds before this one.  Fingers crossed.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Zoo Farm

I can't think of a better name other than the "Zoo Farm" to call this bizarre, yet totally fun, establishment that the girl's and I attended today.  It does actually have a real name, Petite Creek Farm, but the name hardly does it any justice.

Maggie, Lucy and I strategically put a farm visit on our summer calendar while Jack would be away at camp.  Naturally, my 10 year old son is just what too cool for a farm, even if it is the zoo kind.  After a little research, I discovered one of our favorite farms had closed down to visitors due to flooding.  When one barn door closes...another one opens.  And that is how we came to find this little gem in the sticks.

I can't say enough about how unique this whole experience was.  I really went into it thinking, 'if you've seen one farm you've seen them all'.  Not so.

First of all, the girls each got ponies to ride around the Zoo Farm.  Now tell me that isn't fun!  I did have to pay a tiny bit extra for this, but it was well worth it.  Lucy's horse was named Popcorn and was an absolute doll.  Maggie's was named Doc and nearly as stubborn as his rider.  I'm just sayin'.

 The other thing that made this Zoo Farm so unique were the animals.  Hence my given name for it.  We saw porcupines, which we collected incredibly cool spikes from.


Lots of camels..., and yes, this really happened.

Kangaroos and a few actual "real" farm animals...

And even a giraffe named George.  All of which we were able to feed!

It was a scorcher of a day.  So we took lots of breaks to hang with our ponies and feed them too.  We even braided Doc's mane in hopes of making him a little sweeter and more compliant.

And if you thought that was all that made this day in the sticks unique, well you haven't met Farmer Scott.  He was an absolute hoot and made the day that much more fun.  I seriously adore this big ol' guy.

We topped our afternoon with a hay ride sans the hay.  And if you visit, be sure to get Farmer Scott's reasoning on this.  It's a pretty good tale.  This was probably the hottest {and only real miserable part of the trip}.

As you can imagine, we were filthy and mighty sweaty come the end of our visit.  I took my farm-ettes home and threw them straight in the tub.  I'm pretty sure the water turned a murky tan as soon as they stepped foot in.  Eeewww

Totally worth a day on the Zoo Farm though and I'm thinking we can add this to one of our favorites.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Kentucky & Cousins

The title of this post could have been a mantra from my childhood.  My best memories ever are with my grandparents, on Kentucky lake, playing with my cousins.  It's incredible that this tradition continues for all of our littles.

With a little revamping of our Martha's Vineyard vacation, we didn't get to celebrate our annual July 4th with everyone.  Lots of improvising this summer.  So, I packed up the kids the morning after and we made our way to the lake to see anyone who was left.  The kids didn't even notice.  The lake {no matter when}= happiness for them.

Our visit was quick, but packed none the less.  Lots of the usual lake happenings...splashing, swimming, boating, chasing cousins, and loving on GG.

If you ask my kiddos, they will say their cousin Halle is "wild" {which they sincerely can't get enough of}.  I find that to be a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

Just look at my little love, my how much baby Paul has grown up since last summer.  He calls me "momma" which I have a hard time correcting.  Pure sweetness.

Uncle Joel spoiled us all weekend with his master grilling techniques and boat captaining skills.

The lake was gorgeous and the weather was beautiful.  A nice change from the incessant rain we've had around here.

We made lots of swimming stops throughout the day and stopped at the marina for a yummy lunch.

Jack had high hopes of tubing which was next on the agenda, until this...

Yes! ...we had to be rescued by the marina.  We were all set to take Jack tubing and the boat wouldn't start.  You would think this would have called for some major disappointment, however, it was a major adventure.

It will definitely be a lake story for years to come.

If we weren't on the lake, we were doing what you do at GG's house.  Playing with cousins and cooking in the kitchen.

More amazing memories made.  The tradition of Kentucky & Cousins lives on...
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