Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Back To School For Lu

It's Back To School For Lucy...finally!  That "finally" comes a whole month after her big siblings started.  If you know Lucy, she was itching to get back to school, see her friends, and play.  She is most definitely my social butterfly.  

Lucy and I went to orientation at her new school on Friday.  Yes, new school!  After much persuading last year, I finally caved.  And I'm so glad I did. The school could not be any sweeter.  

Lucy's meet and greet giddiness was absolutely contagious. We were both all smiles.  I am just so happy that she is happy!  The best feeling ever.  

She met her teachers, a few new friends, and checked out her new stomping grounds.  We are both trying to figure out the lay of the land and get all the procedures down.  So far I am full of questions and she is just rolling right along.

Lucy's new teachers seem pretty incredible from what I've seen thus far.  We were super thrilled to see Ms. H as the assistant.  She is a lovely lady who lives right in our neighborhood.

And I could hardly believe all the connections I had with Ms. M, the lead teacher.  It was certainly meant to be.

After a long Labor Day weekend {and many countdowns}, Lucy woke up Tuesday morning and was more than ready for her first day.  You think someone is excited? 

She had absolutely no problem posing for her first day pictures. So much so, I finally had to cut her off.  It wasn't easy.  Just look how beautiful {and totally silly} this doll baby is?

The house got quiet really quick this week.  I can't deny, it was pretty nice, but I also can't deny I missed my "Lucy Love" like crazy!

I may just be a blubbering mess next year....eeek!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Starring: Pop Star LUCY

Thanks for keeping your dial tuned into LUCY ROCKS 5!  Now for the star of the show.  I present the birthday girl... ♫ Pop Star Lucy ♫ and her entourage!

Our little rockers had a lot of prep work to do before the show.  I elicited the help of a few friendly teenagers to work a couple of the stations.  Because you know, teenagers are the bomb {in my girls eyes anyway}.

Lucy started her beauty routine with a Musical Manicure & Pop Star Pedicure.

Why, electric hot pink, of course!

But I have to say, I think getting her hair Rocked was her favorite beauty stop.

As for me, my favorite part was just walking around watching these little divas enjoy each and every station.  They were completely engrossed in each activity...music to this party mamas ears.  Success!

Oh, and here is a picture of that, "Bling Before You Sing" station I mentioned in the previous post.  Looks like I kind of got a picture of it.  Aren't these microphones darling?  These were an Etsy find. And as easy as they would have been to whip together myself, it just wasn't worth the time or materials.   Some things are just easier to buy.

So before we start the show, I must present our one and only lame family picture.  We tried to look cool, but it just wasn't happening.

But, check out how cool these up and coming Rock Stars are...

Aren't they precious?  I seriously could not get enough!

Backstage we celebrated Lucy's birthday with lunch and cupcakes. These little rockers were hungry after all that performing.  Hard to believe we were singing Happy Birthday to a FIVE year old!  Geez, Pop Stars sure do grow up fast.

Make a wish...my little Star of the Show!

From there I'll leave you with a little something extra I added to the party last minute...a photo booth. I can't say enough amazing things about this company.  The owner stayed the entire party, props were included, the cost was beyond reasonable and the guests absolutely adored it!  Each girl walked away with a couple photo strips while I got access to all of the images post party.

It was a huge hit and so much fun! {not to mention it makes up for my lack of photography}

Enjoy Party People!

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Are you ready to ROCK?

We celebrated Lucy's 5th birthday with a Pop Star theme this weekend.  Yes, we went from an afternoon of tea to a weekend of rocking.  Like I've always said, my littlest Lu is the best of all worlds.  

But, if you were to ask her what her favorite thing to do is, without hesitation, she would respond, 'sing!'.  And thus, that is how the Pop Star party theme was born.

I digress, my pictures hardly do the edgy fun justice.  There was a slight possibility I was having a photographer on site and when that didn't pan out, I quickly grabbed my camera and hardly tried.  I am so disappointed in myself.  Oh well, the show must go on.

I grabbed a picture of the food table before the food was actually on it.  So it looks a little sparse, but if I do admit, it was mighty cute when everything was in place.

I found this marquee sign at Target and am hoping I can find some other fun uses for it post party.

The backdrop was faux purple sequin from Big Time Prints.  The company will customize the size for you and I found the cost to be very reasonable.  It was comparable to what I would have spent on fabric and was a bit easier to hang.

I found the old records at an antique market and the radios and drum set at Below Five. I made the stars and the banners on my Cricut.

I spotted these cute napkins at one of those dreaded visits to Justice.   The colors were just perfect so I snagged them up.  The snazzy foil plates were from Wal-Mart.

All of the food tents and activity signs were created and printed by Sweet Peach Paperie.
The menu consisted of, Star of the Show Sandwiches....

Popstar Popcorn....{found these snack cups at Tuesday Morning}

Jammin' Jello...

Boppin' Berries...

Disco Balls...

and Drum Sticks...

In my opinion, the Rock Star Dessert Bar was the most fun!  I found the light up 5 at Michaels in the clearance section...score!

Naturally, Pop Rocks had to be part of the menu.  And I must add, an absolute fan favorite!

And look at these rocking microphone pop cakes.  They were much cuter than they actually tasted.  All sugar {so much so, I saw little pop stars spitting them out right and left}.  These were an Etsy find that I just couldn't resist.

We served Jammin' Juice in these personalized cups.  I ordered the stickers from Shindigz and got the cups and metallic straws from Shop Sweet Lulu {my favorite party supply website}.

The activities for Lucy's Rock Star celebration were plentiful.  Of course, we pulled our stage and karaoke machine outside to the party spot.  I'm pretty sure the neighbors were ready for our little singers to head back stage.  But, oh my, were they precious!

Before any of these girls started the show, they had to get "stage ready".  I never imagined that these next couple stations would have had the guests so entertained and mesmerized.  The girls spent more time getting ready for the show than actually performing.

We had Rock Your Hair, complete with hair markers, hairspray, clips, combs, extensions, and glitter spray.

There was also Musical Manicures & Popstar Pedicures.  A girl can't go on stage without her nails being done.  And trust me, none of them did!

I couldn't believe it when I found actual Rock Star nail polish on one of my Dollar General binges.  Amazing!, I told you I love that place.  This is one of the many electric colors the girl had to choose from.

The biggest hit of all, might have been this one.  Lights, Music, & Makeup.  Can you say glitter, glitter, and more glitter?...with a touch of hot pink and purple.

Some seriously darling divas walked away from this table.

Of course, I can never throw a party without giving the guests some sort of craft.  We actually had two at this party.  I'm just kicking myself that I never got a picture of the "Bling Before You Sing" station where the little rockers decorated microphones.  I found stick on jewels and the girls went to to town snazzing up their microphones.  

They also designed and decorated at the Record Your CD station.  I grabbed CDs from the Dollar Store and supplied the table with any rocking craft supply I could find.  The girls named their CDs and decorated them.  It was a fun take away from the party.

And speaking of take away, the favors for this party may just be my FaVoRiTe part.  I found clear zipper toiletry cases on Amazon.  I  added a star and personalized them with each of the guests name using my Cricut.

From there, I filled each of them with all kinds of goodies every rock star needs, like guitar lipgloss, rock star hair ties {which I discovered are ridiculously easy to make}, microphone bubbles {from the dollar store}, rock star nail polish, a hand held mirror {from the dollar store}, and a diva sticker book.

Talk about a Swag bag!  The girls loved leaving with this fun bag of loot.

Keep your dial tuned into "Lucy Turns 5" because the party has just begun.  Next up on the playlist...lots of little ♫ Pop Stars ♫!

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