Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy {HEART} Day!

Oh I do declare, the Day of Love has arrived!    

The littles woke up today almost as excited as Christmas morning.  The first thing they do is check out their "We Love " doors every Valentine's morning.  The anticipation nearly kills them the night before.  So's the littlest things.

Here is Maggie's....

And Jack's..

And Lucy's....

It never fails, one door is always harder than the rest.  Luckily, that changes from year to year, and my lips are sealed as to which one it was this year.  It is {Heart} Day so let's keep things lovely.

And speaking of Lovely, just look who I get to spend my day with...

Jack, the little man who has stolen my heart.  So proud of who he is and excited to see what will come.

Maggie, my darling love bug, who just may be the world's best snuggler...ever!

And Lucy, the life of the party. Her spunk, while having a gentle heart, mesmerize me.

I'm off to get some lovin' from my three Valentines {and did mention I have a pretty awesome hubby too}!

Happy 💘 Day Friends!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Spreading The Love

The littles and I are preparing for Valentine's Day around here.  The decorations are up and we have been racking our brains on how to spread the love this year.

It goes without saying, the girls are pretty easy. Pink, purple, glitter, hearts...anything usually goes. However, try getting a 10 year old boy to get lovey dove.  And that my friends, is where it gets a bit challenging.

Luckily for Jack, I've been a boy mommy for a good ten years now and I think I've got this all figured out.  So imagine his chagrin when I came to him with a plethora of disgusting ideas for Valentines Day.  He was elated and after much debate settled on a poo splat ball.

What can I say...boys will be boys!

The girls giggled themselves silly, but steered very clear of Jack's gross idea.  But, that did spark a desire for something sticky, but still sweet...and pink, among other pretty colors.

We found these adorable UFO slimes online and bonus...the slime is sprinkled with glitter.

Thankfully both girls were on board to spread the love the same way.  It sure does make Mommy life easier when they do that.

And as you know, I can't resist treating those AMAZING teachers.  I have a spot right in the center of my heart for them.  Not to mention, I think it's great for the kids to show LOVE & appreciation to the ones they spend several hours a day with.

So this year, we steered clear of sweet treats.  Because If I'm being honest, I spotted these cutsie make-up bags and just knew they had to be purposed.

Some say XOXO and the others say Follow Your 💜.  So fitting for the day of love.  I popped some fun lip glosses with hearts on them, added a tag, and here they are.

Oooh oooh ooooh...we just can't wait to Spread The Love.  Only a week away!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cookie For Character

I'm just going to take a brief moment to brag on my eldest son.  Please excuse this overly proud mama.

Jack was awarded Cookies for Character for the month of February at school.  The best part was the character word was Principled.  I mean who wouldn't want a Principled kiddo? 

When Mrs. C announced Jack as the recipient, she followed it with a plethora of compliments.  Such a thrill to see {and hear} your kiddos rewarded.

Although the ceremony was pretty low key, his named called, cookies were eaten, and a certificate was handed out, we were gushing with pride. Jack was really looking forward to this and marked Friday as "the best day".

Sadly, as soon as little guy walked in, we could tell he was under the weather.  Sore throat, headache...ugh!  Not exactly what he was expecting for his "best day".  We scooted him out and Daddy got him to the doctor.

But not before he took a quick picture with his beaming sister {Jojo Siwa bow and all}.  She was just as proud of her big brother as we were.

So what started as the "best day" slowly turned into a weekend of resting up and meds for this guy.  Happily, he's back in business and will be taking his Principled self back to school tomorrow!

So proud of you Jack!

Saturday, January 20, 2018


It's basketball season, not only for Jack and Lucy, even the professionals are playing.  I know, Ive got to get some game pictures of my two b-ballers up soon....note to self.

I can't believe this, but I don't think I've ever been to an NBA game.  At least not that I can remember.    And I know my kiddos haven't.  So we jumped on the opportunity when the big kid's elementary school hosted a Night With The Hawks.

It included a court experience with the players and then watching the game with all of our school friends.  So much fun!

I bet you never would have guessed, but the littlest one of all was way into the game.  She wanted to know all about the rules, the score, the side shows, what was happening next, and on and on. 

There is never a dull experience with Lu.

The Hawks lost miserably, such a bummer.  But the experience was great!  Until next time, I'll watch my littles on the court...and make sure I get some pictures too.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mexico Part Dos

Buenos Dias!  It's another lovely day in Mexico.

The second half of our trip wasn't quite as adventurous as the first, but equalled in fun.  We had worked one day in to devote solely to the pool and beach, but wouldn't you know we found something extracurricular to do.

We couldn't help but notice the amazing catamaran in our sights while playing on the beach.  It was calling our name.

Before we knew it, we were climbing on board and heading out to tackle a snorkeling adventure.

Some ideas sure do sound great until they are actually executed.  Wait for it...

It was a total bust...for the girls anyway.  Everything was just fine until, Lucy's mask slipped, her earrings fell out, and then a wave crashed over Maggie.  And just like that-it was over.

These two were in hysterics until they were pulled aboard and wrapped up in towels.  And basically, this is what they did while Clay and I snorkeled and for the entire boat ride back.

But, on a brighter note, Clay and I found the snorkeling to be absolutely incredible and saw the most beautiful underwater sights.  Worth it at the girl's expense....eek.

For the rest of the afternoon, we were at the kid's happy place...poolside.  Except for the two hours I slipped off to the spa for the most delectable pampering of my life.  Seriously, the most fabulous spa I have ever been to.  A must do.

We dined on property again and Lucy enjoyed another late afternoon of hoping back and forth from the kid's club.

Our final Mexico adventure was a Dolphin Encounter the following day.  I have to admit, I tried to talk the kids out of this one, seeing as how we could do this many other places, but they insisted.  And I am so glad they did.  This may have been one of our favorite experiences the whole week {I know we keep saying that}.

The facility was clean, organized, and our trainer was marvelous.  Not to mention, the dolphins stole our hearts within minutes of interacting with them.  We can't stop talking about Jon and Helen....sweetest creatures of the sea.

Our dolphin excursion included lunch, which was awful.  It was pretty much our only bad meal of the vacation.  The boardwalk surrounding the facility was full of fun sights and shops.

We explored and shopped a bit before catching our ride back to the resort.

We spent the rest of our stay basking in the sun {when it wasn't cloudy}, swimming in the pool, and dining at one of the amazing restaurants on property.

As you can imagine, it was nearly impossible to say adios to Mexico and head home to frigid temps.  This will definitely go down as one of our favorite vacations to date.

Hasta Luego Amigos!  I'm off to bundle up and get used to normal life again.
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