Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy Birthday Jack

 Look who woke up as an ELEVEN year old today?

I mean stop!  Where do the years go?  Last I checked, I'm not even old enough to have a kid this old.  He's almost as tall as me and I'm pretty sure he is smarter than me.

I know I'm his mom, but he serioulsly ROCKS!  Love this kiddo!

And because I love him soooooooo much, I wanted to make his real day as special as possible.  I made him cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Trust me that is a huge feat...we don't bake on school mornings.  Then he opened his gifts from his sisters and a few family members before hitting the carpool line. And let me tell you, that made him happy!

Later, I took doughnuts into school for his classmates at lunch time.

And I took him and two of his besties to his favorite restaurant for dinner...The Big ketch.  Kind of nice for an 11 year olds birthday and super delish!

Next up....a real Birthday the theme {per his request}...but everything blue and yellow.  #jacksfavoritecolors

This is gonna be good...

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring Break 18

It's SPRING BREAK and I LOVE it!  I always get summer vacation fever this week.  Nothing like a little taste of schedule-less days ahead to get me and the kiddos all giddy!

It did fall a little early this year and it was chilly on occasion, but we made it work.  So you may be wondering, why are my kids in an ice cold lake?  I'm totally with you, I thought they were cray-zeee!
I think the excitement got the best of them.  

You see we spent the week at our new lake house.  Yes, it's ours.  And we are super excited to make some amazing friend and family memories there.  More explanation coming, I promise.  But, for now,  here is a quick peek at our week.

I regret to say, there was so much setting up and getting settled, my poor camera hardly made an appearance.

Over the course of the week, we made several Home Depot runs and a few Walmart ones too.  It's going to take a while to get settled.  But the best part were the visitors who came and bunked and ate with us.  So much fun!

I promise Jack was there too!  I vow to get some lake pics of him soon...geez.  Mommy fail!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Friends!  What a lovely holiday for such an amazing reason.

If you asked my kids, I would hope they would tell you the real reason we celebrate, but I wouldn't be surprised if they slipped in the excitement of Easter eggs, the bunny and baskets.

We spent our Easter Sunday as we have for the past 10 years. The traditions continue.  And even though Jack is sporting double digits, he wouldn't miss out on a good ol' Easter egg hunt for anything.  Some things you just can't get too cool for.

The kiddos raced down this Sunday morning to find their baskets.  That sneaky E. Bunny always hides them around the house and the search is as much fun as the find.

Then I forced my trio to get dressed in their Sunday best.  Some are happier about doing it then others. But with eggs to be found they reluctantly cooperate.

And if you are truly in the Easter spirit, you won't judge my pictures.  The quality is laking {I was snapping fast to get to Mass on time}, haircuts are needed all around {but, with dance recitals looming, I have to let it grow a bit for those dang buns}, and it was chilly {hence the jean jacket}.

But, Maggie put on dress and liked it!  There is something to be said for that! My girly girl has been anti-dress for about a year now...go figure.

And no, Lucy is not

Oh well we tried, we may not look completely put together, I mean Lucy has on one shoe in the above picture, but we love Easter, each other, and the reason for the celebration!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Oh Baby!

What do you do with a pre-schooler who is out of school the Friday before Spring Break...take a day trip!

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I have been dying to visit Babyland General, home of the Cabbage Patch Kid Hospital, since I moved to this state.  The opportunity had almost slipped me by, seeing as how my other two are a little old for this, not to mention one is a boy.  So knowing Lucy was my last hope, we made happen!  Leave it to Lucy to save the day.

You kind of need to know that I was a die hard Cabbage Patch fan as a little girl.  Those dolls were like real life babies to me and went everywhere I did.  Taffy was the oldest with red pig tails.  Then there was Rosco who was a soccer playing boy and finally was the bald baby, Jobie.  And no, I didn't name them, those were their official adopted names.  But, boy did I adore them.

I can't deny, I was a slight bit creeped out by the "nursery" at Babyland or actually, the adults who were looking to adopt the perfect baby for themselves...seriously!  I can truthfully say, I was over my obsession by 12 and that was kind of old.  But, it sure was fun to share it with Lulu and a few of her pals.

The nurse was dressed for the part and certainly acted it out too.  My little one had no idea what she was in for.  Nor did I really.

Before entering the "nursery", we scouted out a few glass cabinets filled with dolls from long ago.  And of course, grabbed a couple obligatory pictures.

A cabbage doesn't get much more official than this!

Once we entered, there were babies everywhere!  I mean they were literally hatching out of the cabbage plants under Mother Cabbage's tree.  We even witnessed a whole ceremonial birth from the tree.  Lucy was beyond confused, rightfully so.

But, after great debate, the girls made their selections.  Lucy and her bestie opted for one of the "big kids".  Having hair was a must for Lucy.

We went through the official adoption procedure and from there Lillie Charlotte was ours!  And oh my, she has that signature CPK smell.  It brings back so many memories.

Ya'll, I'm a Grandma!  And if you think I'm joking, I'm not.  That is what Lillie calls me, I babysit, change her clothes, tuck her in at night, and she goes everywhere with us.

Like Mother like Daughter...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Circus Is Coming To Town

Actually, the circus did come to town {also known as pre-school} and guess who was the Ringmaster?

Introducing Lucy the Circus Ringmaster!  I can't imagine why my most vocal attention seeking child would have been chosen for this part.  But, let me tell you, she ate up every minute of it from the practice to the actual show.  And I can't lie, it's really fun having a kiddo like her in our family!

As you can imagine, performance day was much anticipated.  I'm pretty sure I had Lucy's lines memorized by this point.  Our little Ringmaster was a practicing fool around the house.  Her rehearsals brought much joy and many smiles to our dinner table.  Even her bigs couldn't hold back the smiles.

We arrived at the Circus to find the classroom all set up for the after show "Cast Party".  I mean, just look how adorbs this is! Makes me want to be in the circus.

The actual show took place in the auditorium and it exceeded all expectations.  These little pre-k'ers put in some serious practice and it showed.  Kudos to their teachers.

The opening act included a parade, lets by the Ringmaster, around the Circus Tent followed by a darling song and dance.

Once it was showtime, our precious Ringmaster got right to work.  And she even used a REAL MICROPHONE {pointed out by none other than Lucy}.

And although performing in the circus is pretty amazing, nothing is better than doing it with your besties!

This is one show that I could use an encore for!  Oh my, I love this age 💛 and I really love my Ringmaster worthy little one!

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