Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Better late than never.

I usually aim to toast our teachers to a great start to the school year at least within the first month of school.  This year I fell two weeks behind.  I'm going to blame it on the fact that 3 of 4 them listed coffee specialties for their favorite drink.

That's not just something you can pick up the night before, stick in the fridge, and send off with your kiddos in the morning.  But, I vowed to get this done {especially since they all 100% deserved it}, it has truly been a great start to the school year!

CHEERS to some fabulous teachers who take extra special care of my babies!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Lake, Lovin', & Labor Day

Have I mentioned how much we are lovin' the lake?  Sunshine please don't go away!  I'm going to be longing for summer all fall and winter long....I can already feel it in my lake drenched bones.

Labor Day weekend was another one of those fabulous long weekends just" laking" it.  We are turning into a legit lake family.  The best part is all the friends and good times that are shared up there.

Although, Jack might say its the tube and wakeboard.

Lucy is big fan of the tube too.  Our fearless girl loves showing off.

This guy was made for the lake.  I think Shelton might actually be part fish.  If he's not in the water he  is our deck hand.  Have I mentioned we adore our new pup?

We've recently added wake boarding to our list of lake activities.  Jack is getting the hang of it, meanwhile, I can't even get up, and the girls are not interested.

We spotted a rock plunge this weekend.  The boys were all about it.  Us mamas were holding our breath.

All the while this girl remains our hood bow ornament.  She has a permanent assigned seat.

Good times!  We are checking our calendar and our weekends at the lake are dwindling.  Ugh...can't Labor Day just be year round?

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Tutti Frutti For Our Cutie

Happy 6th Birthday Lucy!  It's time to celebrate so let's get Tutti Frutti!

Okay, so I imagine the first thing going through a lot of minds is where did a FRUIT theme come from?  And actually, that's pretty easy.  Last summer {yes last}, Lucy and I were out and about, maybe Target or something,  and EVERYTHING had fruit on it.  Lu and I just both thought it was so stinkin' cute. 

I threw out the idea of making it a theme for her next birthday and she was all for it.  Easy as that {in true Lucy fashion}!  

And since that summer of 2017, we have been collecting tutti fruitti goodies every time we see them.  Which is often...and everywhere!  You can't deny that you have seen fruit all over the place lately.  I mean Target even had banana book ends the other day!  And don't even doubt that I was trying to think how I could use them for this party.

So here we go...a Tutti Frutti Birthday celebration for the Berry Best 6 year old I know...

Let's start with the table.  I didn't quite have all the food out or really even have it entirely set up.  But, as you can imagine, the whole menu was fruity...sour raisins {which happily come in bright pink and yellow boxes}, fruit snacks, popcorn {in fruit hats/cones}, fresh fruit, and tea sandwiches complete with a pineapple toothpick.

I was so happy with the way these little signs turned out.  I wracked my brain for every fruity saying I could come up with and even got a little desperate with some of them.  Tracy at Sweet Peach Paperie  added the clip art and the fun design.  She turned my vision into a reality.  I adore working with her.

And let me tell you, these frames from Ikea have been well used since Maggie's Emoji party.  I have no idea what I ever did without them.

The beverage station was totally fruity too!  I got the pineapple cups form Shop Sweet Lulu and the straws from Amazon.  The cups were fun for the kiddos to take home post party.

And I could not resist all the fruity flavors of Fanta.  I mean pineapple, orange, grape, and strawberry...amazing!

For favors, I filled berry baskets {from Michaels} with fruity fun.  Each guest took home a fruity Whiffer Sniffer {which I found on clearance at a toy store going out of business-see it pays to know your theme a year in advance}, fruit coin purses {from DG-my fave}, fruit lip gloss {from the dollar store}, and fruity gum.

I packaged them up with cute stickers from Sweet Peach and was thrilled with how darling they turned out.

I really can't deny that coming up with Fruity activities was not the easiest.  But, it all fell into place.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't get too creative with the names.  So everything turned into "Tutti Frutti" something...

Tutti Frutti Sand Art...{I was able to find fruit shaped necklaces at Oriental Trading...score!} The kids loved this station.

Tutti Frutti Sun Catchers {again oriental Trading}...

A Tutti Frutti photo Booth {which is always a hit}...

And Tutti Frutti Playdough, which was totally a miraculous accidental find.  Seriously, on an end cap at Target in a clearance bin, there stood fruit scented playdough.  And it even said "Tutti Frutti" on the label.  Amazing...it was meant to be.

The kiddos had fun making fruit creations out of the dough and taking sniffs!

Now, lets get to the Par-Tay...

Needless to say, we had a "fruit"tabulous time!

After activities, swimming, and lunch, it was time for dessert.  What could be better than a Fruit SnowCone truck, I mean it was a Tutti Frutti party after all?  Hello Kona Ice.

The truck did not disappoint!  The birthday girl got to tour the inside, pick her own fruity flavor, and even crush her own ice.  The snow cone man even gave Lucy a special birthday cup and tee.  Talk about cool!

When Lucy was done with her tour and concocting her snow cone, we popped in some fruity candles and sang a Happy Birthday ditty to her!

From there, all the guests sprinted out to the truck for their treats and I was able to snatch these cuties for a couple family pictures.

It was a Grape Day for a Berry Special Girl.  We Partied like Pineapples and celebrated the Lime of my Life!

Happy birthday sweet Lucy!  You will FOREVER be my cutie!
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